Will Apple iWatch Cut into Designer / Luxury Swiss Watch ?

Apple iWatch Puts Designer Watches to RiskLast year, 29 million Swiss watches were sold. Theoretically, as Apple has sold about 500 million iPhones over the past five years and has an installed base of 300m, it’s not hard to understand that, on paper, the Apple Watch could be seen as a big threat to the watch industry generally.

While the starting price is USD349, there are three versions of the watch, including an 18-carat gold one that reminds us of the golden iPhone. The Apple Watch will, of course, be used to read the time but it will also give one access to data, messages, calls, emails, measure activities, track one’s progress for workouts, use apps, enable one to pay for goods, download music, take pictures, consult maps, calendars, look at the stock market, the weather, pictures and so on.

We have made the case in the past that the biggest (more…)

Can Reliance Jio Launch 4G-LTE Data / Broadband at 50% Discount to Incumbents ?

Reliance jio Infocomm Launch Data RatesIn our previous report we have analyzed the need for disruption by Reliance Jio Infocomm in the Indian Telecommunications space. Today we’d like to throw some light on what will likely happen to the Hottest Area of Telecom – Mobile Broadband / Data Services if Reliance Jio were to launch at 50% discount to incumbent players.

The current realization is 25-29 paise/MB for incumbents; this is not the most aggressive disruption assumption), it would mean R-Jio starts selling at 15 paise/MB. Current 3G usage in India (on a base of around 52 mn subs) is (more…)

How Can Reliance Jio Disrupt Indian Mobile / Wireless Market ?

Reliance-Jio-Disruption-TariffWe Probably have the highest coverage on Reliance Jio Infocomm in the public domain analyzing each and every move the company makes openly. In the absence of any clear road map being portrayed by the Ambani’s team to Public / Shareholders; we try to address three main issues on the Disruption in Indian Wireless by the launch of Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Does Reliance Jio intent to disrupt the Telecom space in India which is stabilizing after the 2G Spectrum Scam – The honest answer is (more…)

Comparison of iPhone 6 / PLus vs Samsung Galaxy Note vs LG G3 Vs HTC M8

Apple unveiled three new offerings – new iPhone, Apple Pay and Apple Watch. iPhone 6/6 Plus launch was much in line with expectations.

iPhone 6/6 Plus upgrades are much in line with leaked reports. Thinner (6.8/7.1mm vs. 5s 7.6mm), faster (A8 processor), better display resolution and bigger battery. Camera is in line to stay with 8MP/f2.2 and Plus comes with OIS function. While there is limited surprise to spec, iPhone 6 Plus looks fairly attractive given richer spec but only US$100 premium. If iPhone 6 Plus mix to go higher against consensus looking for 30%, this likely benefits Hon Hai who is the sole source to (more…)

Can Reliance Jio Create Accelerated Demand in Low 3G Market ?

Reliance Jio LTE AdoptionEmpirical Evidence on Wireless Broadband adoption from across the World suggest that meaningful 3G penetration is a necessary condition for accelerated LTE adoption. Can a deep pocket player like Reliance Jio Infocomm overcome the challenges posed by low 3G penetration in India ? Can R-Jio create an offering / ecosystem to drive 4G adoption by 2G customers without the in-between 3G upgrade? Quite honestly, we do not know. However, we do believe that a price disruption centric strategy to achieve this will make any business case extremely challenging for Mukesh Ambani led Reliance.

Consider just the handset challenge (more…)

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