Peek Into Mobile / Internet Business of Times Group

Gaana - Times Internet Business REviewTimes Internet has over 20 businesses across various categories News, Sports, Lifestyle, Classifieds, Entertainment platforms, commerce, etc. Cumulatively Times properties get 120 monthly visits with 6 billion page views per month. Half of the traffic comes from mobile. News and Classifieds account for large portion of revenues for the group. Key focus areas remain a), b), c) Cricbuzz and d) Coupondunia.

Magicbricks the REal Estate venture was started in 2006 by the group. Revenues in FY15 were at Rs771m and have grown at over 58% CAGR over the last few years. Total paid clients were at over 24k in FY15 and total listings were at 630k as of Dec-14. Current run rate of monthly collections implies annual collections of US$20m as per management. The company is investing in verified listings (204k verified listings as of Jan15), and building improved user interface.

Gaana is an online (more…)

Reliance Jio Opts for Mega Triple Play (VoLTE, TV, Broadband) Launch

Reliance Jio Triple Play DemoReliance Jio Infocomm will likely have a triple play [Voice, TV and Boadband Data] focusing on full data wallet of subscribers – the launch will likely be in quick, successive phases commencing in 2H2015 [Launch, Bit Delayed]. Reliance insiders tell us that RJio will likely simultaneously launch all its three services – wireless services, wireline fiber-to-home offerings (along with TV market) and wireline services to corporate clients. We think that RJio is being seen laying fiber in most of the large towns currently – for e.g. visible to us in Mumbai – causing the impression that RJio will likely go with fiber-to-home offering initially. However, we believe the fiber is laid out to connect towers so that large amount of data can be routed through fiber across towers for the desired quality.The company will also provide fiber-to-home i.e. the last (more…)

Reliance Jio VoLTE Pilot Test reveal Superior Voice Quality to 2G/3G

Reliance jio 4G VoLTE ResultsReliance Jio Infocomm has lighted its 4G/LTE Network and we gather that the results from Voice over LTE – VoLTE trials are to management’s satisfaction so far. The quality of voice services on VoLTE is apparently superior compared to 2G/3G voice services. Unlike 2G/3G, VoLTE is a data-based voice service where voice packets can be prioritized over the network; hence, the continuity in communication is ensured. Also, VoLTE allows video-calling, which many subs could view as desirable. Since RJio is planning to launch in 900 cities, it will cover a large proportion of mobile-using population. One key concern has been that VoLTE-using subscribers might not be able to connect with a 2G/3G subscriber on other networks limiting adoption. However, our channel checks suggest that this is not a limiting factor. In such a scenario, the quality of conversation/call will be limited by the inferior technology (2G/3G), but the communication should still work.

What is the Reliance Jio MiFi Device ?
The Mi-Fi device allows the subscribers to (more…)

Mobile Technologies a $3 Trillion Market in 2014

Mobile Technologies are a critical driver of the world economy, generating global revenue of almost $3 trillion. The mobile revolution has accelerated innovation worldwide, boosting global GDP and creating new jobs across a vast array of industries. Mobile is directly responsible for 11 million jobs worldwide, and the indirect impact far exceeds this number. More than two-thirds of mobile industry jobs are high-value, knowledge-economy jobs, such as innovation research, component and device design, and app development. (more…)

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