Mobile Money Fragmentation (Telcos / Banks) Breaks Mass Market

Mobile Money FragmentationIn a world where each nation uses its own currency which could not be exchanged, global commerce would stall. But if one or even two currencies were introduced, which were accepted globally, international commerce could resume.

Using this analogy, we argue that fragmented industries (Telecom Companies / Banks) fundamentally cannot successfully launch global m-payment systems as by definition they are too regional. If consumers want to make a purchase or transfer through a mobile, they don’t want to discover their m-payment mechanism isn’t compatible. Therefore, we believe that a sustainable, long-term m-payment application will require a critical mass comparable to the number of iPhone (600m) or Android (1.9bn) users and consequently (more…)

Reliance Jio Lights Up 60,000+ Towers, Testing Small Cell Networks

Reliance JIo Employyes Network TestWe got some updates on Reliance Jio Infocomm’s network from some of the Service Providers(SP) who are currently serving the upcoming telco. Of the ~65,000 sites of RJio that are currently installed, it appears 28,000-30,000 are RJio’s own towers (mix of poles and full ground based towers). If true, this is a much larger share of own towers in RJio’s network than what we had earlier anticipated.

Further, one of the SPs we spoke to that has a contract from Reliance Jio in few of the circles indicated that many of these sites are up and running (i.e. company is spending on fuel/power on a daily basis) as network testing is aggressively being carried out. The SP is gearing up for the launch of commercial voice+data services (23000MHz + 1800MHz) by Reliance Jio in a handful of cities in June / July. (more…)

Why iPhone & Mac Sales Grow while iPad Slips ?

iPhone Mac Sales GrowiPhone continues to be the key driver of top-line and bottom-line upside, with units up 40% y/y—two and a half times the pace of IDC’s estimate for 16% growth within the smartphone market globally (and well above our 25% estimate heading into the print). In particular, emerging markets were the key driver of this upside, with unit sales up 63% y/y in emerging regions, and in China, the iPhone was up over 70% y/y. Management noted it continues to see a higher rate of switchers with the iPhone 6/6 Plus relative to prior iPhone cycles, and that there is a sizeable number of first-time buyers, particularly in emerging markets.

Tim Cook appeared optimistic that the iPhone can maintain its momentum, noting (more…)

Want to Stay Connected? Choose Your Internet Service Provider Wisely!

The internet has brought the world much closer. India has also been affected in more ways than one because of the surge in internet usage. And this cannot be better corroborated than our outstanding contribution in the outsourcing industry. Recent initiatives of the Indian government to bring last mile connectivity also indicate growing demand in the country.

Historically, when Indians moved houses or evaluated rental homes, things like electricity, water, accessibility to daily needs and transport were main considerations. Now internet connectivity has been added to the list.

Internet service providers in India have become more professional and offer more choices to the urban consumer now. Earlier, dial-up connections were the order of the day and in addition to state owned enterprises; you could find only a couple of private vendors who would charge a premium for their services. (more…)

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