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The Indian Finance Ministry has done a job which you could imagine only in a James Bond Movie. The "Financial Intelligence unit of India" along with the "Intelligence and Criminal Investigation Departments" from the Finance Ministry have deployed parallel processed On Demand Computing with Big Data and Analytics decision making.

In a historical move embracing the Power of computing the Government of India has linked data of over 120 Crore Indians from various Big Databases such as the Aadhar Cards, PAN Cards, Drivers Licenses, Voter IDs, State Commercial Tax, Central Excise & Service Tax Assesses,  Ration Cards, All Bank Accounts, Provident Fund Accounts, NSDL / CDSL Accounts,  Credit Cards, Loans, Credit Bureaus like CIBIL, Stock Exchange Traders, Insurance Policies from private as well as the LIC, etc.

Half of them were already linked. The entire linking from Top to Bottom was started 6 months ago and was successfully tested before the surprise demonetization moves.

What can the Government of India Track about your BlackMoney Deposits ?
1. When you deposit money into your account, the Bank will accept one of the Valid ID Cards. Through which entire Financial History can be tracked.

2. If you deposit Rs 1 Lakh of Cash of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 into your account and if in the previous financial years you have not paid Income Tax, then the Analytics of IT Department will automatically send and Income Tax Notice.

3. The Capabilities of this Big Data Analytics developed to check the menace of Blackmoney in India is so high that Algorithms have been developed to find violations in your transactions according to the Indian Income Tax Act so that you cannot even file and fight a case.

This massively large computing setup will be one of the largest Globally used to Track Financial Frauds & Criminals who destabilize economies. The Decision Making is so Strong that it can even Alert about Persons who are most likely to cause a fraud in the next few days based on Transactions and their Financial Track Record.

Say Not BlackMoney and Stay Away. Else a Seat is reserved for you in Tihar Jail.
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