Author Topic: Jio Vs Airtel 4G Speeds - TRAI  (Read 204 times)


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Jio Vs Airtel 4G Speeds - TRAI
« on: December 19, 2016, 10:50:34 AM »
TRAI data suggests RJio's average speed is at 6.23Mbps all India a tad better than Airtel at 6.03Mbps.

In Mumbai RJio's speed is at 18.28Mbps while Airtel was at 10.61 Mbps while in Delhi Airtel's speed was at 7.69 Mbps and RJio was at 4.22Mbps as per TRAI. Clearly the RJio free offer has loaded the networks leading to lower speeds over the past couple of weeks and it needs to work on network densification by increasing towers and fibre for contiguous high speed experience.

Content: Will be giving free subscription to all apps until December 2017. RJio's platform now offers a collection of 6,000
movies, 60,000 music videos, 10mn songs, 350+ live TV channels, and 50+ HD channels. Differentiator from Airtel : Live TV including HD, chat, magazines, news, cloud and Jio Join for video calling.

Smartphone penetration, essentially 4G handsets, is the key. We estimate 4G handset penetration to rise to ~120mn by end-2016 and almost double by end-2017, reaching 245mn. RJio has also provided a solution for non 4G smartphone subscribers to use the Jio SIM via Mifi devices and the Jio-Join app.