Author Topic: How Airtel + Idea differ with Jio on Promotions - Predatory Pricing ?  (Read 98 times)


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"The pricing is unsustainable. 1GB a day (of data) for that price (Rs 309) is pretty low. It is better than zero (free services)" – Sunil Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Enterprises

How Airtel and Idea differ with Jio on Promotional Offers and  Predatory Pricing ?

Airtel - Promotions shouldn't exceed 90 days. IUC compliance should be seen as a driving factor. Offers below IUC cost must be
considered as instances of predatory pricing.

Idea Cellular - Promotions should comply with TRAI's principles of IUC and must cover the same. No promotions should be allowed at rates lower than IUC cost.

Jio - For effective competition promotional offers must be permitted. This is also crucial to drive adoption of new technologies. Adoption of newer technologies, convergence of networks and services mean that there are many services that can be offered free of cost. The regulator doesn't need to scrutinise the industry on this matter. Price forbearance is the best option.