Bharti Infratel CEO on Future of Telecom Infrastructure Services in India

DS Rawat, CEO, Bharti Infratel Limited in an exclusive Interview answers Questions on the Future of Telecom Infrastructure Services in India.

What have been the key trends in the telecom tower space in India over the past two years?
Wireless telecommunication in India has witnessed rapid growth and is likely to see more traction with the advent of services based on next-generation technologies. Telecom operators across the industry have realized the importance of passive infrastructure sharing, which implies robust opportunities for the tower industry in the long term. The past year saw a slowdown because of the import restrictions on BTS equipment and also the high auction prices for 3G and BWA, which made mobile operators adopt a cautious approach toward their network rollout plans. 2011 is expected to witness stable growth on account of next-generation technologies driving the demand for data services and expansion in rural areas.

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