Why Airtel / Idea Cut Mobile Data Rates on 3G/4G Packs ?

Idea 4G Rate DropAirtel and Idea recently announced price cuts / Increased Benefits on Pre-Paid 3G / 4G Mobile Data Packs. They have announced steep price cuts on entry-level and high-volume data packs. We expect Vodafone to follow suit soon. Effective cuts come essentially in the form of higher data allowance on smaller packs at one end and higher volume packs at the other end. Effective data realization (per MB) cuts range from 20% to 40% on different packs.

Idea and Airtel have a very Smart Analytics team which suggest the dynamics of pricing in the Indian Wireless market. Both the companies have not touched packs with monthly allowance between 300 MB and 1.5 GB which are the

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How 95% Pre-Paid Users with Unbundled Packages Will Deter Airtel / Vodafone/ Idea ?

Unbundled Pre-Paid Users a Liablity on TelcosThe A-Vo-Id [Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular] Telecom Operator Lobby Control over 2/3rd of the Indian Telecom Market. They have ~95% of their subscribers on the pre-paid platform and never did they make any effort to convert them to post-paid. Never did you see them offering Bundled Packages [SmartPhones,Unlimited Voice, SMS and 3G Data] even in post-paid segment. Reliance Communications was the only exception in this regard which offered iPhone and Unlimited Calling Pack.

To date, A-Vo-Id operators focus has been on cannibalisation of SMS revenues by messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc). Clearly, the advent of OTT voice adds an additional potential threat. At first glance, the amount of revenue exposed to

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How Idea Cellular Pre-Paid Tariffs Moved in Jan-Feb 2014 ?

Idea Mobile pre-Paid Tariff ChangesIdea Cellular the plain vanilla voice operator hiked 2G Voice Tariffs for its large pre-paid subscriber base (95%) across 12 circles based on Big Data Analytics of its Billing Team so that the pinch is not felt on the pockets of consumer and yet Revenue Per Minute [RPM] goes up marginally across each circle. The Analytics team chooses the most optimal way to do this so that the company doesn’t lose consumers as well yet maximize the profit in the cluster / circle.

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Idea Cellular Withdraws Benefits on Pre-Paid STV / Packs – May 2013

Idea STV - RechargeIdea Cellular the plain vanilla wireless operator in India continued to withdraw benefits in bits & pieces provided to its 90% of its pre-paid subscribers by means of Special Tariff Vouchers / STV or STD Packs, etc. This is in-line with Airtel and Vodafone as these operators have come under pressure from the Corrupt Government and DoT increasing il-legal levies and charges on spectrum not permissible under the law.

The STV / Recharge Vouchers and Packs Modified in may 2013 are as follows,

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Idea Cellular 2G Mobile Voice Tariff Hike in April-2013

Idea-CellularIndia’s Most efficient on Cost Plain Vanilla Wireless Operator Idea Cellular was not too far behind market leaders – Airtel and Vodafone in Hiking Tariffs. The Trio Combined control over 2/3rd of the Indian Cellular Revenues. Here is a list of circles where Idea Cellular hiked its Tariff to increase ts RPM without negatively affecting the overall MoU or Traffic pattern. Idea infact managed to increase Revenues in several circles despite undertaking the hike.

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