Author Topic: Reliance Jio User Test Results in Mumbai  (Read 280 times)


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Reliance Jio User Test Results in Mumbai
« on: June 27, 2016, 07:32:42 PM »
 Based on tests done in various parts of Mumbai, data download speeds on RJio's 4G network appear to be ranging between 10-25MBps, similar to what we had reported in December, 2015. The speed is 3-5x existing 3g network speeds offered by various telecom operators (3-8MBps) though incumbents have been rolling out 4g networks which offer higher speeds. We note though that RJio's network is relatively empty with less than a million users as of now.

Jio VoLTE Call Experience
We did not find any issues with voice calls on RJio. This is important in the context of earlier investor apprehensions given its use of VoLTE. Jio has also launched an app JioJoin to help make calls from LTE handsets that are not enabled for VoLTE.

Comparison of handsets suggests that other than at the lowest price range viz. Flame (Rs4k-5.6k) where there are few LTE handsets, for the other series (Earth, Water, Wind) handsets with better configurations are available at similar price points.