China Mobile’s Fetion Public Account Platform – Advantages

What is the Significance of China Mobile’s recently launched a Fetion public account platform ? The basic feature of the platform is straightforward in that users are able to add a public account as a friend. A large number of derivative services have been developed by account operators, leveraging Weixin’s features such as multimedia interaction and an internally HTML5-enabled internet browser.

These services include:
RSS-like feeds Media accounts such as Donews or Techweb push articles everyday to followers.

Mini tools This type of account allows users to take notes or arrange appointments by interacting with the account. E.g. Users send text or voice message to an Evernote Weixin account and the content is stored.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Brands are able to use their Weixin accounts to communicate with customers on a one-on-one basis. Clients of China Merchants Bank are able to quickly check their credit card status via CMB’s Weixin account.

Promotion Many businesses are offering discounts to Weixin users by exhibiting in-store QR codes. E.g. Consumers can scan a QR code at Burger King to gain membership and to utilize digital coupons from Burger King’s Weixin account.

These Kind of Services are Far Better than Facebook. We view the core value of public account platform as saving R&D and other costs for businesses seeking to develop their own mobile apps or websites. It also reduces marketing effort and expense in gaining access to customers. As long as payback such as increased sales or brand awareness from operating a public account is better than other channels or simply greater than maintenance costs, (minimal at present), eventually account owners are likely to pay Weixin fairly in the form of advertising dollars, e-commerce commissions or account charges.

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