Samsung Pushing Galaxy Mega 5.8 Flopped Mobile in India with Reliance 3G Freebies

samsung galaxy mega-5-8 IndiaFlopped and Outdated SmartPhone – Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 is being pushed in India by offering 3G freebies from Reliance Communications. Samsung Galaxy Mega is a Dual Core Phone with features similar to galaxy Grand but Priced a whopping Rs 5,000 higher. Angry Indian Consumers have given a thumbs down to Samsung Mega with just 2.4/5.0 on the rating scale.

Samsung Executives went ahead and have struck a deal with Reliance Communications by offering a cut on the handset and the Telco has to rollout the following benefits in return so that Samsung can sell-off all its handsets

2GB of 3G data for 3 Months [Worth Rs 1,200]
Unlimited movies for 3 Months from BigFlix [Data Usage not to be Counted] [Worth Rs 747]
Unlimited Whatspp, Twitter and Facebook for 3 Months [Data Usage will not be counted in 3G Plan]

So a Clean Rs 2,000 worth benefits from Reliance. However, the headache is to Call Reliance and get the benefits activate separately as we all know Reliance Communications is not at all a friendly company to deal with.

We’d recommend users not to purchase Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 just for the sake of Free Data Benefits.

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