Big Role of 3D Printers in Industrial Manufacturing, Human Lives

3D-Printer Big Role in Manufacturing3D printing / additive manufacturing market is about to experience much broader adoption across more upstream production applications and the consumer end market and as such our baseline assumptions project a slightly steeper trajectory than industry estimates. In the past 3D printers were seen as too slow to manufacture true production parts or end-use products and the machines / materials too expensive and technical expertise threshold too high for the average consumer. However, things are changing fast and 3D printers will play a Big Role in the next league of Industrial Manufacturing and shaping Human Lives.

Currently, 3D Printing accounts for less than 10-15% of $2B+ in revenue generated in the prototyping and pre-production mold industry, but we expect it to contribute more meaningfully over the next 3-10 years as global manufacturers incorporate the technology in an effort to gain any edge to differentiate (more…)