Rise & Demand of Connected Intelligent Cars with Advanced Driving Assistance System

We believe we are at the inflection of the take-off of technology-assisted driving. The current penetration of Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) is only 3%. With the recent boom of ADAS and semi-automated auto model introductions, consumer awareness has been heightened.

What is ADAS?
ADAS broadly refers to a set of features which make use of internal software connected to sensors and cameras to alert drivers to potential hazards, or even temporarily take control of the car to avoid dangerous situations. Accomplished through radars, cameras, or laser sensors, these features include adaptive cruise control, parking assist, forward collision warning, predictive emergency braking systems, lane-keeping support, pedestrian and signage recognition, and traffic-jam assist.

ADAS will pave the way for semi-automated driving (more…)

Connected Cars Powered by 4G a Reality with GM

Connected Cars with 4G LTE RealityGeneral Motors(GM) announced pricing options for the new OnStar 4G LTE service. The service, which rolls out next month, first provides users with a three month or three gigabyte trial period, whichever comes first. Pricing for most data packages are comparable with AT&T’s 4G LTE services, with a 3GB monthly plan costing $30 and a 200MB plan costing $10 (enough for ~13hrs of internet usage). Current OnStar advisory services subscribers will receive a $5 monthly discount on plans less than 1GB.

Why Connected Cars ?
We are heading into an era of Inevitable (more…)