Samsung Galaxy S4 – Cost BreakDown

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in many different versions depending on region and operators. We did a value breakdown analysis based on the European 3G version where Samsung’s Exynos 5 application processor would be used instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 (APQ8064T), and Intel’s 2/3G baseband used instead of Qualcomm’s MDM9625, which covers all mode/bands.

Galaxy S4’s shipment price would start at around mid-USD500 with OP margin to exceed 30%. We assume an USD550 shipment price and 33% OP margin, which gives us USD182 in OP/unit.

Bill of material All Prices in USD
DRAM (2GB LPDDR3) 21.0
eMMC (16GB NAND) 11.0
Baseband 5.0
Passive components 3.2~3.9
main PCB 7~8.5
Camera module (13MP+2MP) 20.7~25.3
Wifi/Bluetooth 6.3~7.7
Battery 4.5~5.5
Mechanical (Enclosure, Metals, Plastics) 12.6~15.4
Sensors 3.6~4.4
Accessories 11.8~14.5
Other components 11.3~13.8

Marketing 39
Royalty 27
Other overhead 94