Idea + Vodafone Prepare for 4G LTE Launch; SmartPhone Sales Rise

Vodafone 4G LTE LaunchPost Airtel’s 4G launch we expect both Idea and Vodafone to commercially launch 4G in select urban cities, mainly from a branding/creating consumer perception perspective. The top 3 telcos are looking to offer 4G to prevent their subscribers from being poached by Jio, which will launch as a 4G-only telco. In our view, both Vodafone and Idea will launch 4G only in select cities (rather than entire states) where they are seeing material data uptake and an increase in improvement of 4G smartphones. Given declining 4G smartphone prices and considering that 4G data tariffs could be cheaper/at par with 3G, we believe that 4G uptake may positively surprise despite a smaller rollout.

Airtel launched its 4G because (more…)

How Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Optimize their Voice Networks ?

Voice Network OptimizationIndian Telecom Saga is still about 2G Voice as operators strive to bring in the most interior rural parts on to the telecom network. Apart from expanding the number of cell sites, the operators have alternative methods to boost capacity. These include usage of 3G network, fluid ICR agreements and vertical expansion. The following 4 Methodologies are Widely used by Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance to optimize and enhance the Voice Services in India

Vertical expansion – Cell sites can be expanded vertically by adding (more…)

What does Vodafone Offer for Spectrum Renewal Mean to Indian Telecom Sector ?

Vodafone Offer for Spectrum RenewalVodafone recently offered some terms and conditions to govt. for renewal of its licence/spectrum in three circles that expire in 2014. Prices offered are at a ~75% discount to last (failed) auction prices, along with a reduction in annual spectrum fee. Importantly, Vodafone believes 900MHz should be 1.3x. 1800Mhz. Vodafone‚Äôs offer for the 20-year renewal is as follows (more…)

Vodafone Voice Tariffs Hike in Feb-2013

Vodafone along with Airtel has also hiked Voice Tariffs in Feb-2013. The following Chart shows how Vodafone has hiked Voice Call STD, Local and Free Usage Limits in the month of Feb 2013. (more…)