PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One Console Pricing

PS4-Multiplayer-gamesSony and Microsoft exhibited their respective consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Significantly, the companies indicated that the PS4 will sell for $399 compared to $499 for the Xbox One. Bloomberg reported that pre-orders for the PS4 exceed those for the Xbox One at both Amazon and Gamestop and cited the Xbox One’s restrictions on game sharing as a drawback for the console.

According to Bloomberg, Sony has delayed a decision to begin selling its console in Asia before the end of the year in order to
meet strong demand from the US and Europe. (more…)

Microsoft New XBox One & Sony PS 4 – Console Specfications

specsxbox one vs ps4  hardware specficationSony and Microsoft have confirmed launch of new gaming consoles in 2013. Each console will have a stronger CPU and GPU compared to their respective predecessors, as well as a host of new Online features, console-specific peripherals, and a rich set of Media capabilities.

Console Specifications of XBox One / Sony PS 4

Chipset – Sony and Microsoft have each based their consoles on AMD’s newest Jaguar chipset and both feature an 8 core x86 CPU. Development engines for each console are Windows based and the xBox One will have dedicated operating systems for console, online, and combined operations. (more…)