TRAI’s Insane Recommendation on 700MHz IMT Wireless broadband

TRAI has released its recommendations on advanced wireless broadband services in the 700MHz band. Key recommendations are
(1) FDD to be used in 700Mhz.
(2) Spectrum available is 698-806Mhz.
(3) A 45x2MHz configuration recommended in the 700MHz band. This effectively implies that only one operator (new/old) can win the spectrum. While the exact configuration is unclear and we see issues with the potentially steep pricing, a 45Mhz paired slot will lead to spectrum concentration in an efficient band.

While pricing will be crucial, overall auction of 700Mhz could result in incremental payouts and competition, with spectrum concentration a risk.

TRAI is insane to recommend that 45MHz pairing which means only one operator can be accommodated. Its recommendation that only FDD must be used is against the Spectrum Auction Rules – Auctioned spectrum is liberalized and the Operator is free to use any technology he likes or maybe he invents, who knows.