ICICI Strictly Enforces Data Leakage Prevention

India’s leading financial group ICICI which operates in the domains of Banking, Insurances, Securities Trading, Credit Cards etc has very strictly enforced the Data Leakage Prevention Policy over the network.

DLP is a process inside ICICI Bank under Information security group for Bank’s Data Security. This process identifies any leakage of data based on the policies created by multiple Business Units (BU’s) inside ICICI Bank. DLP team monitor those sensitive / confidential data to ensure that it is only accessed by authorized users.

Here is a screenshot on how the Message is Blocked from leaving the ICICI Servers and the respective officers alerted of the Message and the attachment in that message.
We have greyed out areas of the message in the screenshot to protect privacy of the sender and the group.

Sometimes it can so happen that the Information Security Audit system may flag a false positive, in such an event if it is part of legitimate Business activity, reaching out to DLP Support team on XXX@icicibank.com for further support on the incident solves the issue. This message was one such message and it was not at all confidential.

In conclusion, we are very happy to see that Data Protection & Privacy being regarded at Top Priority especially in India and Financial Institutions.