Will InsurTech Startups crack the Trust Deficit and Win ?

InsurTech landscape is quite nascent in India. This mainly comprises of Digital Platforms offering Complete Policy Buying & Management known as the Aggregators. The current InsurTech penetration is quite low, i.e., 2.76% in life insurance and 0.93% in non-life insurance compared to the global average of 6.5%. Lack of customer trust remains the key hurdle facing the InsurTech segment, and so far, industry players have found it as a hard nut to crack.

Digital Insurance Aggregators These are the aggregator platform that enables customers to compare and buy insurance products of both new-age online insurers and traditional insurance companies. There has been a significant uptick in the number of aggregators since

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ICICI Strictly Enforces Data Leakage Prevention

India’s leading financial group ICICI which operates in the domains of Banking, Insurances, Securities Trading, Credit Cards etc has very strictly enforced the Data Leakage Prevention Policy over the network.

DLP is a process inside ICICI Bank under Information security group for Bank’s Data Security. This process identifies any leakage of data based on the policies created by multiple Business Units (BU’s) inside ICICI Bank. DLP team monitor those sensitive / confidential data to ensure that

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Fintech Startup / Companies in India

We had covered the List of Payment Gateways available in India about 5 years ago. Our readers have commended the good job that we have done in providing coverage about the FinTech Startups in IndiaThey requested a list of all the companies operating in the FinTech vertical that pass our Ethical & Technology adoption parameters and here is the refined list.

LendingKart – Focused on Unaddressed demand for SME lending. We were excited by their usage of Artificial intelligence and machine learning driven underwriting.

BankBazaar – Platform offers bouquet of Loans

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LendingKart – Internet Financing for Micro / Small Enterprise

Micro and Small Businesses in India need capital to support growth, expansion or operations. They have traditionally been funded by family and friends, but are now more open to and prefer borrowing from third parties. There are several reasons why banks do not adequately address this demand. The need for funding for SMEs might be short-term or immediate or the requirement of a credit history or collateral might hinder their prospects. LendingKart jumped to address this demand by giving

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Sistema Closure in 10 Circles – Positive

Sistema announced the closure of services in 10 Indian provinces [i.e. Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, North East, Orissa and Punjab] out of 22 where it has operated so far. We see this as positive news as it is in line with the previous management guidance to reduce … Read more