Reliance Communications Network Assets Valued at $8Bn Spectrum Excluded

Reliance Communications has an exhaustive 277K fibre optic network spanning domestically and globally.

120K km domestic intercity broadband fibre optic network. 70K km domestic intra city fibre optic network which links up to 1.15 mn buildings providing them fibre to the home (FTTH) as well as its towers. 22K route km of metro Ethernet fibre in the US, where RCOM provides a long-distance network and uses it to link up voice and data domestically along with its sub-sea cable. 65K km of sub-sea cable, with 46 landing points in 26 countries, operating on six of the eight major global data traffic routes.

The towers carry the company’s CDMA and GSM network. About 75% are ground-based and 25% are roof-top based. We estimate total replacement cost at US$8 bn for the company’s network assets.