Why 64 Bit Processor is HOT in Mobile Computing ?

64 Bit ARM ProcessorIn computer architecture, the term 64-bit refers to the number of bits that can be processed or transmitted in parallel. In the context of a chip, it refers to the width of the registers. A 64-bit register can store 264 different values or can directly access 264 bytes of addressable memory as compared to 232 in a 32-bit architecture. As such, the most obvious benefit of a 64 bit architecture is its ability to address more system memory (up to 192GB vs. <4GB in a 32-bit architecture) and hence increase system performance when more memory is present.

SmartPhone innovator Apple moved to 64 bit mobile computing as early as the iPhone 5s Days. Apple’s A7 chip is rooted in ARM’s (more…)

How has Apple’s Platform Evolved + Matured over Decade ?

Apple platform EvolutionThere appears to be a pervasive belief that The Next New Thing from Apple will have to be a hardware device that will change the story just as the iPod, iPhone and iPad did when they were launched, particularly since it is becoming more apparent that Apple’s hardware has become less differentiated relative to the competition. After all, the platform (iTunes content, apps, etc.) provides switching costs and without a robust source of switching costs, any new hardware category is unlikely to remain differentiated for long. Just as the iPod was unlikely to remain dominant without the iTunes music store, and the iPhone changed the mobile handset market by leveraging bite-sized apps, any new hardware category needs to leverage and enhance differentiated functionality on Apple’s platform.

Furthermore, with streaming music (more…)