High Speed / Fast Charging SmartPhones – New USP

SmartPhones With Fast Charging BatteriesIn the past two years, big screen phones have been gaining popularity. Due to the bigger size of battery, phablet battery hours usually are longer. According to Apple, iPhone 6+ can last 24 hours’ talk time on 3G vs 14 hours for iPhone 6. This is because iPhone 6+ has a 2,915 mAh capacity battery, 61% larger vs iPhone 6’s 1810 mAh. However, the downside is that charging takes much longer. For example, it can take 3~4 hours to fully charge an iPhone 6+.

Samsung adopted fast charging in Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6. We expect many international and Chinese brand smartphones to start adopting similar technologies with models launching in 2H15. High Speed / Fast Charging SmartPhones constitute < 10% of the market today and is expected (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 + Sony Xperia Z2 + LG G Pro 2 – Flagship SmartPhones MWC 2014

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, the mobile industry’s largest annual event took place in Barcelona. Several flagship models were launched, including Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, and LG’s G2 Pro, with this year’s releases focusing on incremental improvements in user experience and hardware specifications, but fewer gimmicks or breakthroughs to accelerate high-end replacements. Samsung’s innovations improved on design (dust/waterproof/colours/icons, camera upgrades, processing and connectivity and better fitness / health tools while Sony made a more modest upgrade from its (more…)