Where has SaaS Succeeded ? Where Saas Needs Effort to Move to Cloud?

SaaS on Cloud SuccessToday, every company is a software company (recent Forbes article) and software is eating the world (entrepreneur Mark Andreessen). The demand for software applications is being driven by the business owners [BO], who historically relied on their internal IT departments who have often failed to deliver on software development projects in a timely or satisfactory manner. These Business owners were first to latch onto SaaS. SaaS not only takes advantage of the ubiquitous web-based client, but is run as a service by the vendor, enabling customers to immediately have access to new capabilities with little up-front investment . These benefits, among others, have enabled SaaS as a category to take share from traditional on-premise software. This ability of SaaS applications to keep up with the requirements of faster-moving business owners have parallels to drivers of cloud infrastructure adoption including agile development.

The ownership of software development is driving (more…)

HANA Optimizations & Value Addition to CORE SAP Suite

HANA In-Memory ERP OptimizationsMuch focus around HANA has been on the differentiated in-memory architecture and advantages the technology has over traditional relational databases, such as provided by Oracle. In fact, significant ripple has been felt by Oracle shares as HANA has become a proxy for innovation in database that ultimately could challenge Oracle’s dominance in database. In the context of the $30B database market, HANA, in theory, has the potential to be a large business. While it is early in the product’s development, we see little evidence that HANA can live up to this excitement.

HANA’s in-memory architecture is optimized for columnar operations and thus the first application was in the analytics space, specifically as the new foundation (more…)