How Vodafone Hiked Voice Tariffs in Jan/Feb 2014 ?

Breaing NewsVoice continues to be the major Revenue Engine for Telecommunications Companies in India. Telcos move tariffs in India on a circle-by-circle strategy using Big Data Analytics to improve their ARPU realizations. Excerpts from our Database are as under on how Vodafone India moved its Voice Tariffs in the first 2 months of 2014. (more…)

Vodafone Pre-Paid Mobile Tariff Changes in May-2013

Vodafone India STV Hikes in may 2013Vodafone India in-line with Airtel has reduced benefits on most of the Special recharge / tariff Vouchers and Pre-Paid Packs across all the 22 Circles in India. Even a Small Modification in STV / Recharge Pack adds considerably to the bottomline of the company in that circle. We’d like to present you data on the Vodafone Pre-Paid Mobile STV / Recharge Pack Modifications that happened in May-2013 as shown in the table below (more…)

Vodafone 2G Mobile Voice Tariff Hike in April

Vodafone IndiaLed by Airtel each and every Cellular Service Provider in India resorted to Tariff Hike by raising tariffs or reducing the benefits of STV or Pre-Paid Packs. Vodafone also did Tariff hikes selectively with its own Analytics stratgey preserving Traffic Minutes and yet trying to improve the realizations. Here is a list of Voice Call Tariff hikes by Vodafone in April 2013 in India. (more…)