Who are Google Cloud’s Big Corporate Customers and their Applications?

google-cloud-corporate-customersWe have researched on who are the Big Corporate Customers of Google Cloud, the Best Cloud Computing Platform globally and what Google’s Cloud Services they have been availing during their shift from Traditional Client Server Computing over the past 20 years dominated by Microsoft and IBM.

We list the name of the Company and the Google Cloud Service they have availed for what kind of Application serving their need.

  • Audi – GCP supports its connected car initiatives
  • Avaya – Compute Engine powers subscription-based Contact Center as a Service for customer experience management
  • Best Buy – Moved and rewrote its social app, Giftag, to run on App Engine, – Developed and launched more than 10 web applications on App Engine after Giftag
  • Canaccord Genuity – Use Container Engine, BigQuery & Google Cloud Storage to manage an information platform for investors. Also use Google Sheets (spreadsheet part of Google Apps for Work), for BI
  • Coca-Cola – Used Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Memcache, Datastore, and Task Queues to create a digital
    mosaic flag containing images collected from people around the world for the 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Costco – Hosts its ecommerce website for Mexico on GCP, using Compute Engine and Cloud SQL
  • Disney Consumer Products & Interative Media – Plans to use the storage, database and application service to run projects such as its UK subscription service Disney Life
  • Domino‚Äôs Pizza – Integrated CRM data with digital analytics to discover new insights regarding customer behavior using Google Analytics Premium, Tag Manager, and BigQuery
  • Electronic Arts – Built mobile games using GCP for back-end servers
  • Evite – Use Compute Engine & App Engine to scale their services and analyze large volumes of data they generate
  • Fidelity Information Systems – Use Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud Bigtable for extracting, processing, and analyzing large amounts of financial services data
  • Heineken – Used App Engine and Firebase to create Rugby Studio (website for live game broadcasts, interviews, ect.)
  • Home Depot – Small Big Data analytics initiative (according to checks from March 24 Google Note)
  • HTC – Created a mobile platform to develop apps using Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Datastore
    – A user of Cloud Bigtable, BigQuery for data analytics, and Cloud Messaging for Android as well
  • JDA Software – Use GCP services, such as App Engine and Cloud Dataflow, to deliver and power its omni-channel and supply chain services
  • Kaplan – Runs its KAPx application, an education platform, on App Engine

  • Khan Academy – Uses Google App Engine as its hosting and application development platform
  • London Heathrow – Built and runs The Heathrow Airport Guide, a mobile on GCP using App Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery (to analyze passenger traffic)
  • Netflix – Uses Google Cloud Storage for backup
  • Northrop Grumman – Developed a prototype of a personalized health analytics platform to gain insights from health records using Google Genomics and BigQuery
  • Office Depot – Operates its in-store and online printing service for over 2,000 locations on GCP
  • Philips – Philips Hue is a light bulb system, built and powered using GCP, that uses IoT technology and is
    controlled by an app
  • Pulse – Used Google App Engine to enchance scalability, add new features, test and speed delivery of data and images
  • RedBus.in – Used Goolge BigQuery for data processing using SQL to Master BigData.
  • SkyScanner – Integrated Google Analytics Premium with BigQuery, to analyze customer interaction with skyscanner
  • Sky News – Live video streams using Google Cloud Platform to broadcast 2015 UK Elections, built over 150 virtual servers
  • Snapchat – Runs on App Engine. Snapchat runs about 100 separate GCP projects across different GCP resources
  • Sony Music – Used App Engine and Cloud Datastore to develop an interactive app in support of the largest live
    stream music event to ever take place on YouTube
  • Sports Authority – Developed an inventory locater solution using App Engine, Cloud Datastore, and Cloud
    – Built a system using App Engine, Cloud Datastore, and Google Customer Search to promote
    communication between stores and corporate and help employees manage tasks better
  • Spotify – Migrating from on premise to GCP, using Datastore and Cloud Bigtable for storage and Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, and Cloud Dataproc for data management – To transfer data Spotify is using Direct Peering, Cloud VPN, and Cloud Router
  • Stanford University – Uses Google Cloud Platform to conduct research, such as analyzing genomic data
  • U.S. Cellular – Google Analytics Premium integrated with BigQuery helps U.S. Cellular accurately forecast and
    calculate sales by marketing channel
  • Zulily – Used a combination of Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery

If you have found a Big Corporate that we have missed to cover here, kindly inform the same to us “feedback At DSLIndia Dot com”. You may also be interested to read on the comparison of Google Cloud Platform Vs Amazon Web Services Vs Microsoft’s Azure platform offerings and how Google is a late player to the game but making significant progress.

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