Who are Google Cloud’s Big Corporate Customers and their Applications?

google-cloud-corporate-customersWe have researched on who are the Big Corporate Customers of Google Cloud, the Best Cloud Computing Platform globally and what Google’s Cloud Services they have been availing during their shift from Traditional Client Server Computing over the past 20 years dominated by Microsoft and IBM.

We list the name of the Company and the Google Cloud Service they have availed for what kind of Application serving their (more…)

How Big 3 Cloud Computing Platforms – AWS / Azure / Google are Stacked Up Against each Other ?

AWS Comparison with Azure GoogleEvery industry / vertical has Big 3 companies like we have seen in the past from Automobiles to Software. When it comes to offering Cloud platform, Amazon leads the pack with AWS, Microsoft’s Azure is a distant second and Google is the clear #3. Time to Market and Investments helped Amazon launch Amazon Web Services in 2006 versus Azure and Google Cloud Platform coming on in 2010 and 2013 and Microsoft having since committed more heavily in the space than Google.

The path each company took is different as each player has borrowed from heritage and experience earned from their principal operations to establish their position in the cloud computing landscape. AWS is leveraging its massive scale and commitment (more…)

How Private Cloud Differs from Traditional on-premise Computing ?

Private Cloud vs Traditional HardwareMany users describe private cloud as having an Amazon AWS-like environment within their own data center. This is where software developers/engineers can easily and quickly request and receive application infrastructure, just like they can on Amazon AWS. The difference is that the underlying servers, storage and network is wholly owned and dedicated to the organization instead of rented through AWS or other public cloud vendors. A private cloud can be within the organization’s own physical data center or owned, dedicated (not shared like public cloud) and managed by a third party.

Compared to a traditional computing infrastructure, private clouds require five main components: IaaS software (more…)

Microsoft Azure Cloud – Too Late & Shrinking Developer Eco-System

Azure Cloud Late Entrant Microsoft is spending significant time talking about the transition from on-premises to cloud in its business. As part of this, the question is how much demand for the cloud products is transition of existing workloads vs. the building of new workloads. We believe the answer is relatively simple, with Office365 largely being existing workload migration while Azure is new workloads.

The debate in our view is how (more…)

Battle for Supremacy in Cloud – Apple Vs Google vs Microsoft

Empirical Data suggests that iPhone ASP premium of $300 / device is driven by consumer perception of superior hardware/aesthetic design (materials, industrial design, brand), given we believe Android and iOS software capabilities are converging, and Google is ahead in Cloud Services. Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared his belief that Google is Apple’s top competition in Cloud Services. What is Cloud Service Ecosystem ? The ecosystem includes, Cloud Services to Consumer, 2) Cloud Services to Enterprise, and 3) Portals to Cloud Services within third party apps and devices. (more…)

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