China Moves towards IoT & Cloud Economy

China is migrating from mobile internet to the internet of things (IoT). Voice assistant adoption has hit an inflection point while industrial internet opens up new big-business opportunities. The cloud is the foundation, driving the digital upgrade across traditional industries from retail to healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government.

Voice assistant adoption has hit an inflection point. Baidu’s DuerOS-powered smart device installed base also jumped 33% to 150m in the past three months. Baidu was the first to launch a smart speaker with display world-wid,

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Local eCommerce – Lessons for JustDial / Entrepreneurs from Baidu Local Express

Baidu Local ExpressChinese Internet Giant, Baidu has had Keyword based bidding on the lines of Google AdWords for sometime codenamed as Phoenix which Local service platforms still find the bidding system complicated. In October 2015, Baidu launched Local Express, a new simpler marketing platform for local merchants. Its key advantages include:

  1. Ease of use of the marketing interface, without the hassles of choosing keyword price.
  2. Geo-targeting to customers within 5-30 km from merchants, making the marketing campaign more effective
  3. One-stop ad placement displaying across three key traffic platforms on Baidu: Baidu Mobile, Baidu Map, and Nuomi apps. In the past, Baidu search and Baidu Nuomi had separate marketing and services channels
  4. Infrastructure support. Merchants can rely on Baidu Nuomi’s landing page support, and do need to set up their own website.

Local Express currently targets eight local service sectors, including (1) cosmetics, nail polishing, manicure, and pedicure, (2) gym and yoga, (3) talent training, (4) electronics repair, (5) auto services, (6) photography, (7) moving and housekeeping services, and (8) plumbing services. These are also existing categories on Nuomi’s platform. We note that restaurants, KTV, and tourism, are not

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Battle for Supremacy in Cloud – Apple Vs Google vs Microsoft

Empirical Data suggests that iPhone ASP premium of $300 / device is driven by consumer perception of superior hardware/aesthetic design (materials, industrial design, brand), given we believe Android and iOS software capabilities are converging, and Google is ahead in Cloud Services. Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared his belief that Google is Apple’s top competition in Cloud Services. What is Cloud Service Ecosystem ? The ecosystem includes, Cloud Services to Consumer, 2) Cloud Services to Enterprise, and 3) Portals to Cloud Services within third party apps and devices.

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Chinese Internet Giants compete DropBox / SkyDrive in Personal Cloud Storage

Personal Storage on CloudThe personal cloud storage is a service model in which data is maintained, managed and backed up remotely and made available to users over a network protected behind an organization’s firewall

We have seen personal cloud storage services being widely adopted in the offerings of internet companies due to: 1) the potential of ubiquity across computing devices. The convenience of file sync’ing with any device ensures that users can install an app in each and every one of their devices, 2) the opportunity to build service exclusivity. As users store more of their material in one place, the cost of

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China Software & IT – Cloud & SmartCity Hottest

At the 17th China International Software Expo, cloud computing and smart city are by far the hottest industry topics.

China & Cloud Computing Almost half of the participating vendors mentioned cloud computing at their booths. Public cloud has become quite popular among small business clients, while private cloud is the first choice for large enterprises. Established software companies are busy transforming their products to latch on to cloud platforms. There are also hundreds of vendors providing support and technological services for cloud computing systems.

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