Amazon Music to give Google / Apple / Spotify / Pandora Run for Money

amazon-musicAmazon announced Amazon Music Unlimited, an on-demand streaming music service with a library of “tens of millions of songs.” The service costs $7.99/month (or $79/year) for Prime members and $9.99/month for non-Prime members. The company is also launching an “Echo plan” for $3.99/month, with music available on a single Echo device. This compares to $10/month for competitor plans, including Spotify and Apple Music. We note that this is separate from Amazon’s existing Prime Music offering, an ad-free streaming service which is included in a Prime membership, but includes only 2mn songs. Amazon’s new offering adds to the already intense competition in the streaming music space.

Amazon Music Unlimited will be appealing to current Prime subscribers as the offering is comparable to other streaming options, (more…)

Battle for Supremacy in Cloud – Apple Vs Google vs Microsoft

Empirical Data suggests that iPhone ASP premium of $300 / device is driven by consumer perception of superior hardware/aesthetic design (materials, industrial design, brand), given we believe Android and iOS software capabilities are converging, and Google is ahead in Cloud Services. Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared his belief that Google is Apple’s top competition in Cloud Services. What is Cloud Service Ecosystem ? The ecosystem includes, Cloud Services to Consumer, 2) Cloud Services to Enterprise, and 3) Portals to Cloud Services within third party apps and devices. (more…)

Music Streaming – Amazon Prime Onslaught on Spotify & Pandora

Online Music Streaming WarOnline Computing Giant, Amazon launched Prime Music which provides its Prime members with unlimited, ad free access to more than a million songs at no additional cost to their Prime membership. Amazon Prime membership now includes free 2 day shipping, Prime Instant Video, Kindle Lending Library, and Prime Music, quite a lot of content for $99/year. Prime Music is likely to be featured on Amazon phones, which is expected to be unveiled few hours from now.

In terms of features and functionality (more…)

How NetEase Built the Cloud Music + Social Business ?

NetEase Cloud Music is equipped with what the co touts as an industry-leading music library in terms of song coverage and sound quality. Users have access to more than 1m songs streamed at up to 320kbit/s (the broadly accepted upper bound for MP3 sound quality), which are moreover free of charge. Such premium content is otherwise only offered to paying users using other players such as Tencent’s QQ Music. This cloud-based app allows users either to play their favorite songs online or to download them onto local storage.

NetEase Cloud Music enables users to search for music by singing, humming or otherwise playing a song, an innovative feature we believe exclusively provided by NetEase on mobile devices. Our tests revealed generally high accuracy from such modes of search, revealing an advanced voice recognition technology inside the product. (more…)