What are the Obstacles to OTT in India ?

There is lot of bugaboo about the proliferation of digital media in India. India too is estimated to follow the same consumption pattern as in US with surge in internet penetration . However, currently, broadband infrastructure in the country is too inadequate due to which internet penetration is limited to ~27.5%. Further, available wired broadband speeds to paying consumers in India are far below what the service providers promise. A data service package that promises 8mbps typically max out at 5mbps. This is due to high contention ratio (that measures the number of internet users sharing a fixed amount of bandwidth) given limited availability of bandwidth.

Nonetheless, mindset of consumers is rapidly

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Amazon Music to give Google / Apple / Spotify / Pandora Run for Money

amazon-musicAmazon announced Amazon Music Unlimited, an on-demand streaming music service with a library of “tens of millions of songs.” The service costs $7.99/month (or $79/year) for Prime members and $9.99/month for non-Prime members. The company is also launching an “Echo plan” for $3.99/month, with music available on a single Echo device. This compares to $10/month for competitor plans, including Spotify and Apple Music. We note that this is separate from Amazon’s existing Prime Music offering, an ad-free streaming service which is included in a Prime membership, but includes only 2mn songs. Amazon’s new offering adds to the already intense competition in the streaming music space.

Amazon Music Unlimited will be appealing to current Prime subscribers as the offering is comparable to other streaming options,

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TRAI NetNeutrality Regulations Impact on Airtel Wynk / Jio Mags – Play – Beats Apps

TRAI Net Neutrality Exploit WeaknessThough TRAI accepted / acknowledged most of our Regulations on NetNeutrality one of them is highly debatable and can create lot of controversy. In TRAI’s Consultation Paper [CP] the fourth question posed was – Is there any other issue that needs to be considered. We at DSLIndia have been tracking the Indian Telecom Sector for over 15 years and we know the pulse of each of the service provider. Our goal is to Maximize revenue to the Government and bat for high quality consumer experience. In this backdrop, we went into Out of the Box Thinking Mode and it is we who brought this idea to light to the officials of the TRAI to keep the entire Telecom Network Neutral and made the following suggestion, [Source PDF]

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Xiaomi MiTalk 2015 App to Have Forum & Shopping

Xiamoi MiTalk 2015 ReviewXiaomi recently released MiTalk 2015, the new version of its IM app, MiTalk (or MiLiao in Chinese). MiTalk 2015 has incorporated Xiaomi Forum and an online shopping center, allowing “MiFen” (fans of Xiaomi) to interact with each other more easily, and purchase various Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi has in addition integrated Chinese music streaming service XiaMi Music, and Microsoft chatbot Xiaobing, by cooperating with these outside companies. MiTalk has also added a basic location-based service, allowing users to find

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Music Streaming – Amazon Prime Onslaught on Spotify & Pandora

Online Music Streaming WarOnline Computing Giant, Amazon launched Prime Music which provides its Prime members with unlimited, ad free access to more than a million songs at no additional cost to their Prime membership. Amazon Prime membership now includes free 2 day shipping, Prime Instant Video, Kindle Lending Library, and Prime Music, quite a lot of content for $99/year. Prime Music is likely to be featured on Amazon phones, which is expected to be unveiled few hours from now.

In terms of features and functionality

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