Can Reliance Jio Exploit the Net Neutrality Loophole for Free 4G ?

NetNeutrality Loophole IndiaWe were the Strongest Advocates of 100% Neutral Internet in India. We recommended the TRAI specifically not to leave any loopholes and had clearly written in our recommendations about the potential loophole of Intranets / Closed Electronic Communications Network, yet the TRAI has kept the door wide open for exploitation with veto power in its hands.

How Reliance Jio / Airtel / Other Telcos will Exploit the Loophole ?
The regulator clearly suggested in its recent tariff order that rules prohibiting differential pricing for data will not be applicable to Closed Electronic Communication Networks (CECN) or in other words, the intranet platforms of telcos. Hence telcos may attempt to monetize such an opportunity/regulatory exemption. That said, telcos will find it difficult

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TRAI NetNeutrality Regulations Impact on Airtel Wynk / Jio Mags – Play – Beats Apps

TRAI Net Neutrality Exploit WeaknessThough TRAI accepted / acknowledged most of our Regulations on NetNeutrality one of them is highly debatable and can create lot of controversy. In TRAI’s Consultation Paper [CP] the fourth question posed was – Is there any other issue that needs to be considered. We at DSLIndia have been tracking the Indian Telecom Sector for over 15 years and we know the pulse of each of the service provider. Our goal is to Maximize revenue to the Government and bat for high quality consumer experience. In this backdrop, we went into Out of the Box Thinking Mode and it is we who brought this idea to light to the officials of the TRAI to keep the entire Telecom Network Neutral and made the following suggestion, [Source PDF]

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TRAI Regulation on Net Neutrality – Most of Our Recommendations Accepted

TRAI Accepts DSLIndia Recommendations on Net NeutralityTime for some self pat as TRAI accepts most of our Out of the Box Recommendations on Net Neutrality in India and structuring their final Regulations based on the core points we have highlighted in our compilation which is available here [PDF].

TRAI Recommendations released just a while ago on Net neutrality is available here [13MB PDF File].

Everybody have opposed Differential Pricing of Data Tariffs, so we will not take credit for the same, but here are some of the Unique Points which were addressed only by DSLIndia’s Telecom Analysts and acknowledged by the TRAI in its Regulations which are notified for Gazette Publication.

1. If you have read through

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Net Neutrality and Where do We Stand in the Debate ?

In the Global Telecom industry the most debated topic is Net Neutrality. Wikipedia defines net neutrality as the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

Telcos argument is wireless players should be allowed to (1) control the quality of service (QoS) of different data services (to ensure optimal experience for all users on the network) and/or (2) charge differentially for various data services to capture their fair share of the value being created by mobile data explosion. Quite understandably, the OTT players are on the other side of the

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