TRAI NetNeutrality Regulations Impact on Airtel Wynk / Jio Mags – Play – Beats Apps

TRAI Net Neutrality Exploit WeaknessThough TRAI accepted / acknowledged most of our Regulations on NetNeutrality one of them is highly debatable and can create lot of controversy. In TRAI’s Consultation Paper [CP] the fourth question posed was – Is there any other issue that needs to be considered. We at DSLIndia have been tracking the Indian Telecom Sector for over 15 years and we know the pulse of each of the service provider. Our goal is to Maximize revenue to the Government and bat for high quality consumer experience. In this backdrop, we went into Out of the Box Thinking Mode and it is we who brought this idea to light to the officials of the TRAI to keep the entire Telecom Network Neutral and made the following suggestion, [Source PDF] (more…)

Airtel to Increase ARPU amidst Reliance Jio Launch

Airtel Vs Reliance JioBharti Airtel expects modest annual increases in blended ARPU in coming years led by data (assuming rationality on the part of Reliance Jio). Airtel admits voice ARPUs will continue to dip but does not think cannibalization of voice by high-speed data is a risk, likely underestimating this voice ARPU reduction risk. Airtel thinks that higher ARPU subs (post-paid or high-end pre-paid who would be early 4G adopters) hardly churn and that pricing per se is not a factor in churn at the high-end. Additionally, it is rapidly rolling out 4G on a large scale not giving its high-end 3G/4G subs reason to shift to competition. Data traffic will continue to grow at a robust pace driven by increases in penetration and per sub consumption growth. Better data network and newer technologies (such as 4G) itself allows higher consumption on a like-for-like basis.

Plain Vanilla 2G Voice
On the contrary, incrementally new subs are coming from low-ARPU rural areas, total voice ARPU will likely continue to trend down. Urban wireless penetration (more…)

Airtel Mobile Data Growth on Strong Footing

Airtel Data GrowthAirtel Mobile Data continues to grow vigorously (67% revenue growth Y/Y) and now contributes over half of the overall Y/Y India wireless revenue growth rate of 10% (5.4% of this 10%). Therefore, data is helping to offset the tepid voice minutes growth pattern. Notably, data ARPU at Rs25 (averaged across the entire customer base) now contributes 13% of the overall ARPU (of Rs202). This percentage is rising, thus helping overall ARPU.

One should note that Airtel India has not (more…)

Why Airtel Acquired Loop Mobile in Mumbai ? 3G in 900MHz

Loop MobileAirtel has announced acquisition of Loop Mobile, an incumbent in Mumbai circle, for Rs7bn. Airtel will pay Rs3bn and acquire Rs4bn of Loop’s debt.

Loop Mobile is one of the 2 incumbent operators in Mumbai (Vodafone is the other) with ~3m subscribers, ~Rs150 ARPU and 5.5% revenue market (more…)

Airtel to Launch 3G In Bangladesh with Huawei Network

Airtel IndiaBharti Airtel’s subsidiary – Airtel Bangladesh has reportedly selected Huawei Technologies as the network partner for launching 3G services in Bangladesh. The company has already received 3G licence with 5 megahertz (MHz) of spectrum in 2100 MHz band for $105 million in the auction held on September 8, 2013. Further, the company is planning introduce 3G base products in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand of high speed surfing and wireless Internet entertainment.

Recently, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission sold 25 (MHz) of 3G airwaves for $525 million to four telecom operators including (more…)

How Airtel is better positioned in Mobile Data 3G /4G LTE than Idea ?

Airtel IndiaAirtel network capex (3G, LTE, fibre), spectrum portfolio (3G, LTE) and operating costs reflect its significant investments to strengthen its data offerings. Hence, Airtel should be better positioned to capture a higher share of data revenue. Bharti’s capital employed currently reflects a total investment of Rs205bn in 3G/LTE spectrum in India. With these investments, Airtel covers 81% of the industry revenue.

Idea has bought 3G spectrum in 11 circles which covers only 49% of the industry revenue and doesn’t include the key metro circles of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Idea’s investment in 3G spectrum (more…)

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