Airtel Mobile Data Growth on Strong Footing

Airtel Data GrowthAirtel Mobile Data continues to grow vigorously (67% revenue growth Y/Y) and now contributes over half of the overall Y/Y India wireless revenue growth rate of 10% (5.4% of this 10%). Therefore, data is helping to offset the tepid voice minutes growth pattern. Notably, data ARPU at Rs25 (averaged across the entire customer base) now contributes 13% of the overall ARPU (of Rs202). This percentage is rising, thus helping overall ARPU.

One should note that Airtel India has not (more…)

Airtel Pre-Paid Night Unlimited Voice / Data Pack

Airtel Night unlimited Talk PlansIndia’s Leading Wireless Operator, Airtel has decided to make the right use of Unused Spectrum and Network at Night.

Airtel launched Night Unlimited Calling pack at just Rs 7 / Month where in you can make Local Calls to any Airtel Mobile and talk for unlimited time between Midnight 00:00 to 06:00 Hours every day.

In order to develop taste for Indians towards Data Services, you can surf and browse as much as you want on Airtel 2G GPRS Data network with the (more…)

3G Pricing Power to Return to Market Post SC Order on Airtel

The Supreme Court has placed the ban till May 9th, when the Court will hear the case on 3G intra-circle roaming (3G ICR) again.
However, the operators can continue serving existing subscribers. Though it is not certain, the other GSM players (Idea and Vodafone) might also be prohibited from adding new subscribers in circles where they do not own 3G spectrum. We believe the restriction on adding customers for one month (28 days to be precise) is unlikely to impact the telecom operators meaningfully. The larger and more important question remains whether the Supreme Court allows 3G ICR or not, on which a decision is likely to be taken on May 9th.

We believe complete restriction on 3G ICR is likely to have differential impact on telecom operators. It could reduce the number of 3G operators in a circle to 3 or 4, which will reduce competitive intensity and increasing operators’ pricing power.

Moreover, if an operator has to shut operations in one circle where it does not own 3G spectrum, another operators might have to shut operations in another circle where the first operator has stronghold and can thus gain market share. Hence, we believe the
gain / loss from restriction in 3G ICR of the affected operator will be a function of its market-share gain prowess elsewhere. It is not all negative.

Airtel Chooses Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Charging Solutions

Airtel has deployed Ericsson’s Mobile Broadband Charging solution and has completely modernized it’s Pre-paid/ IN solution for it’s subscribers, across 23 circles in India. The solution will allow Bharti Airtel to enhance the prepaid customer experience by offering a wider & attractive range of prepaid services, flexible bundling and real time control of chargeable services.

What this means to Airtel’s Mobile Customers ?
Airtel will allow prepaid customers to have personalised profile based data charging plans. Prepaid customers will be able to customise their data plans across multiple domains – 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi.

The wide array of prepaid services, personalised data plans and real time charging experience will allow prepaid customers to control their mobile usage without any Bill Shock and Complaints.

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