What is Reliance Jio POS for Kirana Stores ?

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Group wants to connect ~30m kirana stores across the country with its own physical and digital infrastructure, thereby creating a large omni-channel marketplace. A key part of creating such an ecosystem is deployment of merchant point-of-sale (PoS) devices across kirana stores. To better understand the features of such a machine, we visited a few kirana stores that have adopted the offering.

Jio PoS is a hand-held device connected to Jio’s 4G network and allows a retailer to accept payments through various digital means (i.e. credit cards, debit cards, wallets). However, unlike peers, Jio PoS also offers functionalities such as billing, online procurement (from RRL’s cash-and carry stores), management of purchases/ sales/ inventory, customer relationship management and generating tax reports.

Key Features of Reliance Jio PoS
A Jio PoS device is equipped with a barcode scanner, which can be used to generate bills for customers. Barcodes of most common SKUs are already fed into the device

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Ambani’s RoI speak Decoded – More Jio4G Plan, Apps Subscriptions

jio-4g-more-plansImmediately after the launch of Reliance Jio’s Plans, we justified on how these plans are to just test the waters of incumbents A-Vo-Id Telecom Lobby led by Airtel. We listened to Reliance Chief Mukesh Ambani’s AGM statement again where he mentions Jio is targeted to achieve high-teen returns (only generated by Airtel today). We thought for a while on how this can be achieved and it looks reasonably doable over the next 24 months.

Telecom Analysis today is all about Network Capacity Framework the findings of which seem to have been confirmed by Idea cellular the just in time execution master with

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Reliance Jio – Not just a 4G Carrier, A Complete Digital / Infotainment / Commerce Platform

jio-digital-platformMukesh Ambani made a mark for himself in India in the early 90s when he persuaded his father Dhirubhai Ambani to go for backward integration in the booming petrochemicals and further took the dream ahead into Oil & Gas business. He was also the brain behind the erstwhile Reliance Infocomm now Reliance Communications managed by his brother Anil Ambani in a bitter separation during 2005.

Mukesh Ambani had the vision about Digital India and thus began his unraveling of the complete Telecom, Content, Infotainment, eCommerce and digital blueprint from his brains on to the strategists’ drawing board at Reliance. Jio’s entry in the telecom space is a vehicle to deliver content and services riding the world class

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Can Reliance Jio Exploit the Net Neutrality Loophole for Free 4G ?

NetNeutrality Loophole IndiaWe were the Strongest Advocates of 100% Neutral Internet in India. We recommended the TRAI specifically not to leave any loopholes and had clearly written in our recommendations about the potential loophole of Intranets / Closed Electronic Communications Network, yet the TRAI has kept the door wide open for exploitation with veto power in its hands.

How Reliance Jio / Airtel / Other Telcos will Exploit the Loophole ?
The regulator clearly suggested in its recent tariff order that rules prohibiting differential pricing for data will not be applicable to Closed Electronic Communication Networks (CECN) or in other words, the intranet platforms of telcos. Hence telcos may attempt to monetize such an opportunity/regulatory exemption. That said, telcos will find it difficult

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TRAI NetNeutrality Regulations Impact on Airtel Wynk / Jio Mags – Play – Beats Apps

TRAI Net Neutrality Exploit WeaknessThough TRAI accepted / acknowledged most of our Regulations on NetNeutrality one of them is highly debatable and can create lot of controversy. In TRAI’s Consultation Paper [CP] the fourth question posed was – Is there any other issue that needs to be considered. We at DSLIndia have been tracking the Indian Telecom Sector for over 15 years and we know the pulse of each of the service provider. Our goal is to Maximize revenue to the Government and bat for high quality consumer experience. In this backdrop, we went into Out of the Box Thinking Mode and it is we who brought this idea to light to the officials of the TRAI to keep the entire Telecom Network Neutral and made the following suggestion, [Source PDF]

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Reliance Jio Chat App Achieves 100,000 Downloads – Review

Reliance Jio ChatReliance Jio Infocomm’s Jio Chat App which went live 10 days ago and has achieved 100,000 downloads with an average 4.3 Rating from 10,000 users on the Android Platform. The app is also launched for iPhone users as well. The app highlights Jio’s intention to eventually become a single platform for users (voice, messaging, entertainment & ecommerce), similar to that of Chinese apps.

Jio chat offers the features of WhatsApp – messaging and calls on data. It includes other features including a channels section, where it has tied with various companies for content (entertainment & ecommerce), and conferencing
facility including video. Jio chat app offers File / Media & Contact sharing. It also offers 100 free SMS/mth (sent on data) which would be useful and applicable in case either sender/recipient’s data network at the time of sending the message is unavailable. This is unlike WhatsApp where messages sent through remain in the network in case of data issues and sent / received once

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What is an OTT Service – WatsApp, Line, Viber etc ? How it Works ?

OTT ServicesWe’ve received e-mails asking to explain OTT Apps in the context of Telecommunication Services. In a series of post we attempt to explain OTT Apps & Services.

Over the Top Service (OTT) is the general term for an application / service or content delivered over an independent Internet based medium. OTT operators are typically independent by nature from the telco and because of the various platforms offered by smartphone operating systems, they are able to replicate and replace traditional telco services such as voice and messaging and deliver the services over the traditional telco pipes (pay TV for example) without any affiliation to a specific telco operator.

OTT communications services allow users

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Reliance Jio Infocomm – Airtel Deal – Mukesh Ambani’s Materstroke

Reliance Jio Infocomm - Airtel Deal AnalystsReliance Jio Infocomm [Jio] and Bharti Airtel announced a comprehensive infrastructure sharing agreement. The deal encompasses fibre (inter- and intra-city), towers, submarine fibre—and in future even joint laying of fibre and roaming on each other’s networks. In future, the arrangement could be extended into roaming on 2G, 3G and 4G networks, and even jointly laying optic fiber etc.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed except a phrase – arms length pricing which indicates that Jio is willing to pay market prices for the infrastructure and services that it avails from Airtel compared to the deep discounted deals Jio made with Reliance Communications.

Mukesh Ambani delivered a Masterstroke by first silencing his cash starved brother Anil Ambani squeezing the last drop from the two deals

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Will Reliance Jio Infocomm have its way in Spectrum Usage Charges ?

Reliance Jio Infocomm SpectrumThe Telecom Commission recently deferred decision on Spectrum Usage Charges. TRAI had proposed a 3% overall SUC. Reliance Jio Infocomm aim (for the present) is to roll out a BWA 4G LTE service on its 2300MHz network. This spectrum (1x20MHz) was won in the 2010 auctions in which the conditions included 1% SUC on Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) from this spectrum. If TRAI’s recommendation of 3% flat SUC for all types of spectrum is accepted, RIL’s SUC would go up by 200bps.

Crucially, for ISPs, voice services into a PSTN network in India

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Is Reliance Jio Infocomm Rolling Out FTTH Broadband Network along with 4G/ LTE ?

Reliance Jio Infocomm will launch 4G / LTE Services by the end of this year, at least in Delhi NCR and Mumbai region. According to Analysts in the Research community, their is a buzz that Reliance Jio Infocomm will launch FTTx [Home / Enterprise]

G V Giri @ IIFLCap said,

RIL may also use FTTX (Fibre to the x) to service the home and enterprise broadband market, chiefly the former. It may bundle broadband services of various hues above in a single offering

Goldman Sachs Report said,

RIL’s focus is on offering high speed services and considering that TDLTE ecosystem is at a nascent stage, we believe the company will focus more on fiber based fixed-line services and nomadic LTE (in limited areas) in the near term

Other Device & Services  that Reliance Jio will launch along with 4G LTE Launch is as follows,

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