Sterlite – OFC & Network Technology Play for the 5G Revolution

Vedanta group company Sterlite Technologies has over the years transformed from a pure play OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) manufacturer into a Network Solutions provider. The company now has 4 verticals – optical products (optical fibre, specialty cables), virtualised access products (programmable FTTx, virtualised RAN), network software (operating software and business software systems) and system integration services (network design and fibre rollout services). Sterlite’s manufacturing facility span across Asia, Europe and South America. It’s Software Innovation centers are all located in India.

Sterilte’s specialty cable capacity has gone up from 8m to 18m of cables and OFC capacity has scaled from 20m kms of fibre to 50m kms. In India you have seen the evolution from telecom to digital services after moving rapidly, from 2G/3G to now 4G. The industry will undergo further transformation, where apart from voice and data there is a new requirement of

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TRAI Regulation on Net Neutrality – Most of Our Recommendations Accepted

TRAI Accepts DSLIndia Recommendations on Net NeutralityTime for some self pat as TRAI accepts most of our Out of the Box Recommendations on Net Neutrality in India and structuring their final Regulations based on the core points we have highlighted in our compilation which is available here [PDF].

TRAI Recommendations released just a while ago on Net neutrality is available here [13MB PDF File].

Everybody have opposed Differential Pricing of Data Tariffs, so we will not take credit for the same, but here are some of the Unique Points which were addressed only by DSLIndia’s Telecom Analysts and acknowledged by the TRAI in its Regulations which are notified for Gazette Publication.

1. If you have read through

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Network Services: Exponential Data Boom for Tata Communications

Tata Communications’ Network Services include dedicated point-to-point connectivity (IPL or NPL), IP-based internet connectivity and multi-location connectivity through Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The network service business derived significant benefits from exponential growth in internet traffic. However, due to significant fall in delivery price, the overall network business managed to report mere 12% CAGR over FY10-14. VPN business (less sensitive to pricing pressure) reaped the benefit of higher penetration of remote infrastructure management and cloud computing and

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What does Digital India entail, Who Benefits ?

Digital India is an umbrella initiative comprising of several programs which the government believes should help transform India into a connected economy. Many of these programs have been in existence for several years now but have not been able to make much headway. This is evident from that fact that of the Rs1.13tn (US$18bn) capital outlay for Digital India. That said, what’s different now is that the isolated programs have now been brought on a common platform. This should help create both synergies and a greater sense of purpose. Moreover, under the Digital India flag, the Narendra Modi led BJP Government has articulated a clear vision for the digital future of the country. In our view, having the right vision, effective marketing strategy and

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