China Likely to Halve InterConnection Fees

China Unicom 4G LTE PlansIndustry checks and Chinese news indicate that the telecom regulator, MIIT, may consider policy changes in interconnection fee favoring China Unicom/China Telecom, and allowing China Mobile to enter the Broadband market.

(MIIT), the industry regulator, may consider introducing two policies to the telecom industry: (1) permitting China Mobile (CM) to provide broadband services; and (2) reducing interconnection settlement fee from RMB0.06/min to RMB0.03/min when China Unicom (CU) and China Telecom’s (CT) mobile calls terminate on CM’s network, while CM will continue (more…)

The Great Broadband China Strategy Includes SmartCities

China Broadband StrategyThe State Council announced several measures to encourage the growth of China’s IT-related sectors. First of all, a Broadband China strategy will be introduced to accelerate the construction of the country’s telco infrastructure. The government will promote further its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) scheme to enable broader access to higher internet speeds. The operators are moreover tasked to further expand the coverage of 3G networks, while the regulator will strive to approve 4G licenses by 2013-end. We expect these measures to improve the demand outlook (more…)