Blackberry 10 Launched – Nothing Innovative compared to iPhone / Android

Blackberry 10  Review at the Launch EventRIM announced nothing new when launching BB10 given that most of the pending features and devices had already become public. The only disappointment was that there were no surprises up management’s sleeves. The emphasis was on the user experience rather than the device, on features that differentiate BB10 and provide a clear value proposition.

Key Blackberry 10 success factors analyzed
Hardware – The Z10 boasts a full touch screen and looks rather like most other touch screen phones. It’s not a wow phone but covers all the bases with a good sized high quality screen, reasonably thickness, and the ability to replace the battery and add more storage.

User Interface The user interface is clearly differentiated relative to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Multi-tasking strikes us as clearly better than on any rival device. The typing experience is very (more…)

Most Popular SmartPhones in China 2012

A Flagship Mobile Handset of a company decides the fate of other SmartPhone Models in Emerging Markets like India and China. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S3, no doubt an expensive phone for the Indian Mass market, yet it captures the mindset of Mobile Phone Shoppers and they tend to choose a Phone model from the same company in the price range that suits them.

Here is the Chart that shows the Flagship or the Most Popular SmartPhones in china in 2012

Flagship SmartPhones China

Mobile Internet – Emerging trend but lacks demand, holds growth of 3G

Majority of Indian urban subscribers access Internet at their homes / offices using a wireline connection. Mobile Internet (2G/3G) is the second most preferred option, ahead of cyber cafes. 33% of the respondents use mobile phones to access the Internet when their first preference is not available. The most popular applications are the less data heavy email, web browsing and social networking.

3G uptake has been lackluster in the urban areas and has little/no subscriber awareness beyond the urban areas. Lack of opinion about quality of 3G/data services of various operators among a large fraction of urban subs also points to the current disinterest for data. (more…)

VMWare Vision & vCloud Suite

VMware is a high quality franchise and a leader in the important virtualization space. Last quarter’s acquisition of Nicira expands VMware’s addressable market by adding a key asset in the software-defined networking space – a complementary addition to VMware’s software defined data center offering. VMware management has shown great product vision in the vSphere server virtualization market and now is attempting to extend this to the next generation of what they refer to as the software defined data center and cloud infrastructure management products that VMware has been adding to its product portfolio.

VMware launched its vCloud suite using technology from (more…)

Can Windows Phone & ASHA – New Touch Interface save Nokia ?

It seems that Asha Touch’s main sales proposition is low cost of ownership. Devices are good value and consumer less data than a traditional smartphone. Yet, low-end Android phones are falling below the $100 level and can be equipped with data efficient proxy browsers (e.g. Opera) and can be set up to utilize WiFi for data heavy usage.

Asha Touch has many similarities to Symbian (Nokia’s failed smartphone platform). Both were based on relatively old Nokia software – Both were upgraded primarily (more…)

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