Free Municipal / City Wi-Fi Network Hype in India

In coming months, we will likely see efforts being made to provide free WiFi hotspots by State/Central governments and R-Jio across key cities in India. For instance, 1) The newly elected Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi is looking to offer free WiFi in public places across Delhi, as per its Manifesto; 2) Telecom Minister recently inaugurated BSNL’s free WiFi in Varanasi.
What is Offered in the Free Wi-Fi Package in varanasi ?

  • Free Wi-Fi limited to 30 minutes per day ; multiple sessions allowed
  • Recharge options of

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Is Wi-Fi Friend or Foe of Airtel / Vodafone / Idea ?

WiFi can do the heavy lifting on mobile data traffic. The way your Android devices are configured by default says more about this – all your App updates have to happen through Wi-Fi network, thus can be used as a service differentiation tool.

WiFi usage is gaining a lot more traction – as unlimited 3G data packages become rare for consumers and WiFi is often considered ‘free’. Operators benefit from offloading traffic from macro networks. But not every telco can do this – fixed line connectivity is still critical, hence integrated telcos are relatively better positioned.

WiFi deployment has been widely considered as a cost avoidance / saving strategy, with little evidence of stand-alone revenue contribution so far. Gartner estimates that WiFi

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How Airtel, Idea Telecom Operators OffLoad Mobile Data to Wi-Fi & Cells

WiFi offloading is being increasingly adopted with heavy mobile data demand in Urban Areas. Given that a substantial portion of mobile traffic occurs inside buildings, telcos are investing/patterning for offloading data to WiFi hotspots.

As mobile and fixed broadband becomes more complimentary, WiFi can do the heavy lifting on data traffic, which can stimulate fixed broadband usage and support total ARPU. This can also be used as a service differentiation tool. But not every telco can do

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Idea Wi-Fi Broadband Plans – PostPaid

Idea WiFi customer you get the flexibility to choose from postpaid or prepaid broadband plans. Enjoy unlimited usage with postpaid plans or flexibility to use data as and when required with long validity prepaid plans. Enjoy unlimited usage with every plan and Speed Upto 2 Mbps download speed for bundled data. After Bundled Usage, Speed … Read more