Comparison of Justdial / Askme / GetIt / ZatSe/ AskLaila / Sulekha /Burrp

JustDial’s dial-in search service through its call centres for information business is a unique service. There are various competitors within the online local business search segment with similar offerings. Players such as Sulekha, asklaila, Getit, ZatSe and askme operate within the same space. It also faces competition from portals such as Zomato, burrp (within the restaurant and lifestyle segment). We’d like to review the User Experience of Justdial Vs Zatse vs Getit and see the comparison of all of the above on some metrics.

Justdial Vs ZatSe Vs Getit – User Experience
Just Dial – The call was answered promptly and with 5 seconds holding time. The executives were polite and offered further granularity on our search requests (e.g. – for a query on banquet halls, the executive asked whether we
preferred air-conditioned banquet halls, exact location and the capacity). A text message and email with the responses to our queries was sent immediately.

That said, JustDial shared our details with its advertisers in the relevant category resulting in a barrage of phone calls from Just Dial’s advertisers. This experience was repeated despite explicit instructions to the Just Dial executive against sharing. This has two negative impacts: (a) This may worsen the customer experience for several users, and (b) Sharing users’ phone numbers with advertisers may be frowned upon by TRAI’s Do Not Call registry.

ZatSe The holding time was negligible. The executives were polite though they did not ask for any further granularity on our search request. Hence, certain search results were of businesses that were not in the area that the user wanted. The receipt of the SMS was prompt and the data was clean and easy to use. We received no unsolicited phone calls from advertisers looking to sell their services.

Getit The service was prompt with negligible holding period with polite and prompt executives. However, the data never reached the user, the first time they were called. On the second call, the executive apologised and said that
there was a technical problem and the Data reached quite late. After continuously asking for the contact details of the business, the executive gave the same over phone.

JustDial, on the whole, had the superior quality of service though the experience was diluted by the inflow of unsolicited phones calls due to the company sharing the user’s phone number.

Comparison of and its competitors – Asklaila
The following Table shows the comparison of the local search companies websites in India on the following metrics – Traffic Rank, Unique Vistors, Daily page views and Page Views per User.

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