Google Mobile Search Queries Exceed Desktop in 10 Countries

Google Mobile SearchSearch Giant, Google indicated that mobile searches now exceed desktop in 10 countries, including the US, and that users have more ability to tune in and tune out of messages (micro-moments) so mobile ad formats have to match user needs.

Google is working hard to provide advertisers new tools to enable positive ROI ad spending and better visibility on ad spend effectiveness, which suggests the company is confident that its ads add value. Google introduced a new reporting dashboard that enables automated bidding across display and search based on ROI targets. Google suggested that 9 out of 10 users start on one device and finish on another, so automated bidding will be able to incorporate Estimated Total Conversions data.

Google is rolling out new ad formats in the automobile vertical. Google revamped its Hotel Booking ads that appear on both desktop and mobile globally. Hotel ads are now integrated into a new search experience that show room rates, click to book buttons, and user reviews. Google Compare now expands its comparisons from credit cards and mortgages to auto insurance. Users can compare mortgage rates from multiple lenders, loan terms, and fees. Users can apply directly or call a local mortgage or insurance adviser directly from the Google search ad. The new products have a clear focus on mobile, and are designed to take better advantage of mobile page formats which should help drive mobile searches & CTRs higher.