Google Mobile Search Queries Exceed Desktop in 10 Countries

Google Mobile SearchSearch Giant, Google indicated that mobile searches now exceed desktop in 10 countries, including the US, and that users have more ability to tune in and tune out of messages (micro-moments) so mobile ad formats have to match user needs.

Google is working hard to provide advertisers new tools to enable positive ROI ad spending and better visibility on ad spend effectiveness, which suggests the company is confident that its ads add value. Google introduced a new reporting dashboard that enables automated bidding across display and (more…)

What are the Opportunities on Mobile for Google’s Search Business ?

Google Mobile Search BusinessAs mobile takes the center stage with evolution occurring from Emerging Markets, we do see a number of opportunities for Google search to gain share of mobile ad budgets over time, namely – 1) the mobile app install ad space; 2) improvements in mobile site and app optimization, and 3) improvements in mobile app deep linking and indexing.

Mobile app marketing within Google search
Mobile app installs have been a key component of Facebook’s success on mobile; we estimated that this was over a $1.5bn business for the company in 2014. Google very recently entered this market, that it will let developers begin serving ads in its Google Play app store. Given the size of Google Play, with 46bn estimated app downloads in 2014, we see (more…)