Real Time Entertainment on Internet renders TV Obsolete

Real Time Entertainment Using iNternet Replaces TVSince the inception of the TV business, the rules have been very clear: If you want to sell TV services, you need something in short supply – Broadcast Spectrum, vast sums of capital to run every home with coaxial cable and the last one in the evolution was DTH/DBS orbital slot and a geosynchronous satellite. Today, to sell video services, you need a web server. Real time entertainment (RTE) is the most significant source of fixed-line data traffic in every region of the world. It makes up 62% of traffic in North America, 46% in Asia and 36% in Europe

We’re in the midst of two revolutions: the rise of broadband and the proliferation of apps. These two revolutions will meet. And, that meeting will likely occur in your living room. In effect, (more…)