Reliance Jio Opts for Mega Triple Play (VoLTE, TV, Broadband) Launch

Reliance Jio Triple Play DemoReliance Jio Infocomm will likely have a triple play [Voice, TV and Boadband Data] focusing on full data wallet of subscribers – the launch will likely be in quick, successive phases commencing in 2H2015 [Launch, Bit Delayed]. Reliance insiders tell us that RJio will likely simultaneously launch all its three services – wireless services, wireline fiber-to-home offerings (along with TV market) and wireline services to corporate clients. We think that RJio is being seen laying fiber in most of the large towns currently – for e.g. visible to us in Mumbai – causing the impression that RJio will likely go with fiber-to-home offering initially. However, we believe the fiber is laid out to connect towers so that large amount of data can be routed through fiber across towers for the desired quality.The company will also provide fiber-to-home i.e. the last (more…)

Real Time Entertainment on Internet renders TV Obsolete

Real Time Entertainment Using iNternet Replaces TVSince the inception of the TV business, the rules have been very clear: If you want to sell TV services, you need something in short supply – Broadcast Spectrum, vast sums of capital to run every home with coaxial cable and the last one in the evolution was DTH/DBS orbital slot and a geosynchronous satellite. Today, to sell video services, you need a web server. Real time entertainment (RTE) is the most significant source of fixed-line data traffic in every region of the world. It makes up 62% of traffic in North America, 46% in Asia and 36% in Europe

We’re in the midst of two revolutions: the rise of broadband and the proliferation of apps. These two revolutions will meet. And, that meeting will likely occur in your living room. In effect, (more…)