Microsoft Building a Smaller Surface Tablet on Windows 8 – Will Users BUY ?

Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet 8 InchesThe lack of compelling form factors at attractive price points has been a major weakness of the Windows 8 ecosystem. However, with the upcoming release of Haswell, Intel’s next generation chip, and Windows 8.1 there is some hope that cheaper and more innovative form factors are on the way. Microsoft highlighted some of these devices earlier this month at Computex, but there was still only one “small screen” tablet announced (Acer’s Iconia W3), which shows to us that there is still a long way to go.

Nick Parker, the head of Microsoft’s OEM Confirmed at Computex that Microsoft is considering to reduce the cost of Windows 8/RT licenses for OEMs building devices smaller than 10.1 inches. The magnitude of (more…)