Internet in India – From Access to Transactions

Internet in IndiaIndia had the third largest (243.2mn) number of internet users in the world in 2014. The pace accelerated over 2015 with 375mn user base in October 2015, according to a joint report by internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), an industry body and IMRB, a market research agency. It is projected to reach 402mn, ahead of the US though behind China, by December 2015.

While the base and growth in internet users has been impressive, the penetration rate performance has been tepid relative to that in the US and China. We believe India (more…)

200 Mn Internet Users with 55 Mn Subscribers – End of 2013

India InternetIndia currently has 200 mn+ Internet users growing at 4 mn per month. This compares to 106 mn at end-June 2011. Active users would be around 170 mn. At the end of 2013, India has 55 Mn Broadband subscribers [Speed > 512 Kbps]. However, the real opportunity lies in the mobile area where the number of people who access the Internet through mobile handsets is 130 mn (December 2013). This would rise to 185 mn by June 2014. The number of rural subscribers has gone up to 27 mn as of December 2013 from 4 mn as of June 2012. The increasing affordability of smartphones is driving mobile Internet penetration. Also, given broadband plans are more affordable now, 3G users will rise to 175 mn by 2015 versus 50 mn currently.

Online e-Commerce and Productivity in India
28% of all travel is booked online. 7% of bank users in India access their accounts online. 25% of IT returns are filed online. 47% of classifieds business (more…)

Broadband / Mobile Internet in India @ Tipping Point – Big Take Off

Broadband Internet in India - Big Take OffIndia’s internet story is at a tipping point, underpinned by favourable demographics, expanding access to high-speed wireless networks, cheaper broadband connections, and a proliferation of cheaper devices. By 2015, we estimate India’s internet user base to rise to 300m, almost 3x the current base. Large, single-ticket deal sizes of private equity and venture capital funds indicate that well positioned companies are set for rapid growth.

A number of enabling factors for driving up India’s internet penetration are now in place. Affordability has increased due to lower access charges (more…)

Broadband Subscribers Reach 15.05 Mn + Wireless 867.80 Mn

Broadband Subscribers in India reached 15.05 mn at the end of March-31-2013, as per the Data Released by Govt of India. State owned BSNL & MTNL together control over 65% of the DSL broadband Market in India.

The Top five Broadband Service Providers in terms of market share (based on subscriber base) are:
BSNL DataOne (9.93 million),
Airtel Broadband (1.40 million),
MTNL Tirband (1.08 million), [Serves only Mumbai & Delhi]
Hathway (0.37 million) and
You Broadband (0.31 million).

Wireless Subscriber base has reached a whopping 867.80 Mn after months of decline because of license cancellation and cleaning out low end multiple SIM users. While the Active Wireless Subscriber base is 723 Mn based on Visitor Location Registry. India has 525.30 Mn Urban Mobile Subscribers while Rural number stands at 342.50 Mn.

Mobile Number Portability reached 89.70 million at the end of March 2013 from 86.83 million subscribers at the end of February 2013.