Reliance Jio Mobile Handset / Wireless Distributor Business

Reliance Jio HandsetsReliance Jio Infocomm has 1,071 centres across the country with 35 in Mumbai alone. They will sell handsets as well as wireless services. The distribution network for handset and services are separate. Wireless services are 4x of Reliance centres, i.e. ~4,000 distributors whereas handsets are 40% of Reliance centres with 400 distributors.

Jio management aims to Create a healthy handset ecosystem at an attractive price. Currently, RJIO has four series of handsets: Water, Earth, Lyf and Flame; each of them has four

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Can Reliance Jio 4G-LTE Pricing be Irrational to Disrupt Market ?

Billions of dollars of capital already employed with another few perhaps waiting in the wings to be deployed in the upcoming mega battle for market share—is there even an argument that Reliance Jio Infocomm would not destroy any sense of sanity and value-creation possibility in the Indian telecom industry ?

We believe there is more than an argument, if one were to (rationally) assume that R-Jio intends to have a business case at some point with that ‘some point’ being within a reasonable timeframe. One needs to appreciate that wireless business cases in India to be viewed as a series of 20-year projects given the naked reality of large spectrum renewal. Our expectation of ‘P&L rationality’ from R-Jio ironically flows from the very fact that it has deployed billions of dollars in the business. Large balance sheets need large P&Ls to support a business case and large P&Ls need a certain (large) market size

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Samsung Galaxy S IV 4 to Support Reliance JIo 4G LTE + Airtel 4G LTE

The newly Launched Samsung Galaxy S 4 will support Reliance Jio Infocomm 4G LTE as well as Airtel 4G LTE. Galaxy S4 carries a 5” FHD OLED screen at 441 ppi and weights 130g with 7.9 mm thickness. Its cameras have 13MP on the back with 2MP for front, and both AP and mDRAM are … Read more

Reliance Jio 4G LTE SmartPhone from Samsung

Reliance Jio Infocomm which is going to launch 4G LTE Services Shortly in Mumbai and Delhi has tied up with Samsung, Global Leader for Android SmartPhones. The TD-LTE 4G SmartPhones are expected to be Priced starting at $100. On its part Reliance Jio 4G Plans will be made available starting as low Rs 100 for … Read more