Peek into Oracle’s Fusion & SaaS Business Performance

Oracle Fusion Saas BusinessAfter outlining the Project Fusion in early 2005, Oracle Corp undertook what became a six-year effort to modernize its core business applications. It is clear that Oracle has made Fusion a focus for the company and continued investment in this area with a steady cadence of updates since its initial release.

With the new release of Fusion, applications share common middleware (easier to integrate) and embed analytics (something that was arguably ahead of its time) and customers have the option of running their applications either on premise or in the cloud via software as a service (SaaS). The initial success of Fusion is much debated and the product still has not driven a re-acceleration in Oracle’s applications (more…)

Can Google Retain as Default Search Engine on Apple Safari ?

Safari search WarIn 2011 Google renewed its deal with Apple to be the default search engine for its mobile Safari browser and this agreement is set to expire sometime in 2015. Apple has recently switched its mobile search provider for Siri and Spotlight from Google to Bing. So Google could either lose the Safari business or that the terms could become less favorable to Google at renewal as Bing is likely to give Google a run for its money. With consistent shift from Browser based navigation to Apps, we estimate that Safari toolbar searches revenue in 2015 is likely to be $4 Bn in the United States and another $ 2 Bn outside the US [based on (more…)

How does India Compare with China & Malaysia in 3G eco-system ?

3G Comparison in India, China and Malaysia4 Years after the Limited 3G Spectrum was auctioned in the 2100MHz band, we’ll take a peek into how we are doing with our competitors in Asia – China and Malaysia on various factors. We are classifying based on the Big 4 Factors that help determine the success of Mobile Data.

3G Network Status

  • India – 3G coverage and average data speed remains lowest in Asia. Unlikely to expand given low
    capex guidance and balance sheet constraints
  • China – 3G coverage has already reached ~75%. Average data speed is best in the EM space and comparable to DM markets. Massive 4G buildout ongoing
  • Malayasia – 3G networks are already built-out however we see investments remain soft in the LTE space. Thus in our view network pull factor is relatively soft in Malaysia.

SmartPhone Availability

  • India – Smartphone penetration is ~17% of population base. Expect it (more…)

Reliance Jio Infocomm Launch – What will be Similar to 2003 and Different in 2014 ?

Reliance Jio Infocomm LogoReliance Jio Infocomm launch is expected to be a game changer in the Indian Telecom Industry. We believe Reliance Jio will help increase the affordability of data services, by reducing tariff / equipment costs, and evolve consumer usage patterns, by introducing several unique and new services.

We’d like to compare the similarities and differences between Reliance Infocomm’s [Now RCom] 2003 launch [Launched on 28-12-2002, but took off in mid 2003] and the current one [Reliance Jio]. The key similarities, in our view, are the aggressive offerings with newer technologies, which would likely lead to an expansion in the market. The key differences, in our view, will be the relatively late entry this time, which would lead the company to follow an aggressive subscriber poaching strategy, and R-Jio’s inclination to use / share (more…)

How Bharti Infratel Grows & Makes Money ?

Bharti Infratel GrowthIndus Telecom Towers and Bharti Infratel together constitute 38% of the total tower portfolio in India.

Telecom Tower Tenancy & Demand
Bharti Infratel suggests that a vast majority of its tower have two tenants. c40% of BIL’s towers have single tenant. Management highlights that the company has one of the best quality tenants. BIL’s top three customers contribute to 85% of its revenues and tenancies. The company also suggests that the top three customers have more loading. Bharti Infratel is not building new towers for Reliance Jio (RJio), which typically comes in only as the second or third tenant on their towers. RJio has started impacting BIL’s financials only in the last two quarters.

Management suggests that further growth (more…)

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