Google’s Video / Display Advertising Metric & Road Ahead

Youtube Display Video AdsGoogle’s VP of Display and Video Advertising Products, Neal Mohan highlighted brand advertising as a growth opportunity for Google and YouTube as the centerpiece of that effort.

Mohan provided new metrics about YouTube, including: 1) it attracts over one billion users per month, 2) the amount of watch-time is growing 50% y/y, 3) the innovative TrueView skippable ad unit on YouTube is growing impressions nearly 75% y/y, 4) YouTube has more 18-34 year-olds than any cable channel, 5) YouTube payouts (rev share) to content creators grew by ~50% y/y in 2014, and 6) that there was over seven million hours of ad content on YouTube and last year four of the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube were ads created by brands/their agencies. These data points (more…)

How Mobile News Apps like of Sohu are Making a Killing ?

Mobile News AppThe mobile news app market is an area of particularly intense competition amongst many internet Giants from Google to Sohu, Baidu, Times of India etc. According to Analysys International, Sohu’s app claimed a 31.8% market share in terms of cumulative downloads from the major app stores by 1Q13.

Sohu’s business model for Mobile News App is of Particular interest for us. The cumulative downloads of Sohu News is more than 5m at present, while the figure is roughly 1m for NetEase and Phoenix New Media and 0.5m for Sina. (more…)