BigCommerce Next – Powering Offline Retailers to Go Online / Mobile

Big Commerce The homegrown engineering team from Aussie tech startup Bigcommerce has revealed new tools to help anyone become an online / mobile retail entrepreneur.

Called Bigcommerce Next, it’s a whole host of new tools and systems (20 new features). It rolls out today to the 50,000 stores that use this Aussie startup’s software. We’d be happy to put you in touch with one or two of them so you can see how they’re doing it.

With today’s launch, anyone with an idea for an online store can turn that into a thriving business with nothing more than a few clicks and a credit card. They can have the beauty and power that until now has been reserved for retail giants with multi-million dollar budgets.

You can now run a store from a smartphone or tablet with the new apps, take credit card payments in seconds (instead of dealing with the banks, their delays, and their fees!), learn through Bigcommerce University, integrate into third-party systems like MailChimp or Xero, and much more.

The barriers to setting up and running a top-class e-commerce store have been completely torn down.

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