Just Dial Search Plus Monetisation Hit Hurdles, Omni ERP in Focus

JustDial Search PlusJust Dial’s management has been talking about opportunities in “Search Plus” (hyperlocal transaction enablement) offerings for quite some time. Management has indicated difficulty in monetisation of Search Plus transactions. We also have concerns on monetisation of Search Plus, given the bandwidth necessary to manage a large number of offerings (over 25) and competition from several vertical specialist companies.

In the last couple of months, the focus seems to have shifted more towards its mini-ERP offering for small and medium sized merchants—JD Omni. JD Omni is synergistic in the sense that it targets the core classifieds business customer base (mid-to-small sized merchants) to a large extent. On the other hand, it represents a completely different business model for the company (a software product business vs the current listing services business). And the company’s ability to cope with this different business model has yet to be tested.

While there are several products

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Can Just Dial Reverse Slowing Network Effect with Omni / Search Plus Launch ?

Just Dial Slowing Sales - Omni SME LaunchJust Dial’s revenue growth for Core Search business has decelerated meaningfully over the last few quarters. While growth may have bottomed out, the initiatives taken by the management will take a few quarters to yield results, in our view. Management reiterated that the slowdown in revenue growth was not led by any increase in competitive activity, but due to a lesser focus internally on the search business. It plans to add 2,000-2,500 people to its sales team (both tele-sales and “feet on street”) over the next 9-10 months, which should address the issue of growth.

The total listings on Just Dial platform is ~16mn and it has the potential to move up to 20-25mn. It is planning to start a program of

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Why Just Dial Search Plus Launch Delayed ?

Justdial Search PlusAccording to Just Dial management, the delay in the launch of Search Plus has arisen because the company is working on a better user interface and plans to launch the product when it is fully ready. Monetization remains a secondary focus; the primary focus is on driving usage and transactions on the platform once it is formally launched in Sep-2015. The company plans to launch its services and host an analyst meeting after the launch.

According to management, the top 11 cities have shown revenue growth of 20-22% yoy, primarily volume-led, and the revenue growth in non-top 11 cities has been upwards of 70% yoy. Management believes that non-top 11 cities start with a low yield (revenue per campaign) but that moves up significantly over a period of time as

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Just Dial Search Plus – Affiliate Marketing Model on Search Platform

Justdial search Plus - Affiliate Marketing ModelJust Dial (JD) continues to dominate the search classifieds market given its significant scale in search requests and business listings, its customer first approach (making consumers come back again and again) and margin improvement led by a move towards mobile and scale benefits. JD is a market leader in local search with 364 mn visits during FY13 [Voice, SMS, mobile internet, PC internet]. JD earns its revenues by charging merchants a fee to list on its platform and places them preferentially in search results.

Just Dial Search Plus Service
In Dec-13, JD introduced the “Search Plus” service. These services are aimed at enabling Just Dial’s users to undertake several day-to-day tasks conveniently on a

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