Facebook at Work to Compete Slack’s Growth

facebook-work-competes-slackTechnologies and applications first developed for the consumer Internet space have had an important impact on enterprise environments, and consumer Internet companies, such as Google and Amazon, have benefited from their enterprise efforts in areas like productivity apps and cloud services. Leveraging its strengths in app development, messaging, and social networking, Facebook is expected to launch its Facebook at Work solution for general availability as early as next month.

Slack the network for (more…)

Facebook Expected to Report Mobile Ad Revenue at 30% of Total Revenues

Facebook Mobile Revenues RisingWith many Ad Networks reporting Facebook mobile came in at 35% of client spend in the quarter and a few even seeing 40%, we see potential upside risk to both our mobile estimate and consensus. Our contacts again reported meaningful sequential growth in spend with Facebook, with performance of the entire Facebook platform beginning to rival that of search for some of our contacts’ clients. Analysts expect mobile ad revenue of $425mn, up 13% qoq and representing 30% of total ad revenue for 2Q13, similar to last quarter. For the desktop business (which consists of news feed ads as well as right hand rail), we expect revenues of $994mn, up 14% qoq and up 1% yoy

For many, App Install ads were a key driver of mobile performance, with (more…)